The principle geometry for TSS was designed through the parametric modeling tool, grasshopper, a Rhino plugin.  The design process demanded a feedback between the analog and digital platforms.  The process of steam-bending requires an empirical knowledge of material and physical power.  In order to fulfill the programatic requirements, the resulting doubly curved surface requires variable lengths and geometries, which was analytically composed through modern digital tools.  The building was physically built through an almost elementary process combining rudimentary technology, a projector and a manually adjustable jig with the digital output acting as a comprehensive set of build instructions.  

130722_SUMMERBUILD long 2.jpg
130722_SUMMERBUILD long 3.jpg

Single Component Sample

130722_SUMMERBUILD long 4.jpg

Variable Component Geometries 

node connection.jpg

Node Connection Detail 


Assembly Map

130906_Patch Map_Page_2.jpg
130906_Patch Map_Page_1.jpg
130906_Patch Map_Page_4.jpg
130906_Patch Map_Page_3.jpg

Groundworks Drawing Set 

Column Fabrication Details


Drawing Credit: Meghan Dorrian, Glen Stellmacher