Roses Tap Room

Completed: July 2017
Scope: Full Remodel
Specs: Turn previous retail shop into a Brewery & taproom
Location: Oakland, CA  [ Temescal ]
Builder: Echo Summit


This is YAC’s (and the clients) first brewery.  The existing retail space had few merritts with the exception of the 18’-0 ceilings and old-school storefront windows on the south, street facing facade.  The clients self performed a significant amount of the work and were on a tight budget. 


The clients had a strong vision for the atmosphere of Roses’, they were envisioning a space that was a warm (think tropical caribbean warm) in contrast to the more industrial elements of brewing that sometimes end up dominating a brewery taproom, for better or for worse.  The space has amazing afternoon/evening natural light, so orienting the layout to capture as much seating in the afternoon glow was the first move. We also wanted to keep an open brewery which required moving a large staircase that lived in the middle of the space. That move significantly opened up the space both visually and functionally for the brewery setup.