Seafood & Shellfish Poster - Chipboard

Seafood & Shellfish Poster - Chipboard

from 22.00


  • 13" x 19" foil pressed with Gold, White & tint foils

  • Recycled chipboard

  • .0035” thick coverstock

The Seasonal Seafood & Shellfish poster features a monthly list of species of fish and shellfish commercially available each month in the US Pacific Waters.  The seasonality of seafood listed is based on the legal Commercial fishing seasons. The data was collected and vetted with the generous help of the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program.  Together we aim to promote fish species that are both sustainably harvested, (not depleted, not endangered, controlled & regulated methods of catch / sustainable farming) and diverse. When you purchase seafood in season it is more likely to be caught by your local fisherman, fresher, and responsibly harvested.  #eatfresh #knowyourlocalfisherman

Wood frames are made from reclaimed redwood by Alibi Interiors in Santa Cruz, California. Color, tones and textures vary from batch to batch.