North Pacific Whales - Ebony

North Pacific Whales - Ebony

from 32.00


  • 13" x 19" foil pressed with Gold, White & Black foil

  • Colorplan premium papers: Ebony (black)

  • 350 gsm / 130# coverstock

The North Pacific Whale poster is YAC’s first Migration Poster.  Featuring 8 whale species that migrate from Alaska to Mexico and back on an annual path of travel along the West Coast, through the Pacific waters.  We are indebted to several whale experts and scientists at NOAA who helped us vet the data, text and visual mapping. All species are drawn to scale and includes average length, weight, scientific name, threatened status as of 2018 and fun fact or two.  

Similar to our three seasonal posters, the whale migration poster is foil pressed (no ink!) on chipboard and a seasonal variety of other color-ways.  

Wood frames are made from reclaimed redwood by Alibi Interiors in Santa Cruz, California. Color, tones and textures vary from batch to batch.